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Professional Packing & Shipping for Your Special Wines

  • Did you know not all carriers ship wine?
  • Did you know that a packaged wine must be able to withstand a drop of 2 1/2  feet?
  • Did you know that there are several states that do not allow in bound wine shipments?
  • Did you know that each shipment must be signed for by an adult?
  • Violations of these rules can result in suspension of all shipping rights and can subject the shipper to fines?

As you can see shipping wine is somewhat involved and is usually best to the professionals.

The professional packing experts at  More Than A Mailbox not only know how to package the wine, how to label it, where it can be shipped, and were it can't be shipped.  Our years of experience and strong reputation ensure that your wine selections arrive intact.  
The experts at More Than A Mailbox can ship [almost] anything to [almost] anywhere in the world, so we’ve got a reputation for shipping wine in Folsom, CA.

We Can Help With Every Aspect Of Shipping Your Wine:


Whether it’s a single bottle, or a dozen bottle for that special event, More Than A Mailbox is your wine shipping shipping experts are ready to serve you right here in Folsom, CA.

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