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At More Than A Mailbox, We Take Document Destruction Seriously


Identity Theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the US today, and the single most effective safeguard to protect yourself from Identity Theft is to secure your documents and completely shred your sensitive papers as soon as practical.  Likley sources of theft of your identtity informatation are credit cards statements, utility bills, cash and ATM receipts.  Even those junk mail credit card offers should also be shredded as soon as practical.  Make sure to include your prescription labels before throwing away the empty bottles.

Many people are surprised to learn that someone can legally dig through their trash once it has been put out for pick up.    That means any document that you put in the regular trash is available to anyone that wants to look through it.

More Than A Mailbox proudly provides industrial grade crosscut shredding services for its customers at an affordable prices.

Your critical information is held in special secured bins under 24/7 surveillance awaiting on-demand on site destruction. The use of industrial equipment noeliminates the need to remove paper clips, binder clips.  The crosscut shredding adds an additional level of security.

Just bring it to us in a bag or in a box and we will place it on scales.  Curbside serrvice is available on request.  We also offer hard drives and VHS tape destruction for nominal additional fee.

Certificate of destruction are available on request.


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